Jill Baumgarner, MA, LPC Intern
Supervised by Claudia Thompson, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Contact Jill at 512-270-4883, ext. 108

Contact Jill at 512-270-4883, ext. 108

How did we get here?
If my partner loved me, wouldn't he want to show me?
How can she be so cold and distant?
Where did the spark go?

People lose their emotional and sexual connection with their partners for many reasons. Life becomes busy, complicated and depleting. Our lives circle around our children, our jobs and all the things we pressure ourselves to be. We are faced with trauma and tragedy and find it difficult to connect the way we once did. Sometimes it's just the lust and desire we had for our partner that dissipates over time. We put ourselves and our relationships on the back burner until they have all but withered away.

My work with clients focuses on helping couples regain emotional security in their relationships and to achieve the sexual life they want. I help couples and individuals communicate more effectively about wants, thoughts and feelings, explore their sexual interests, reestablish trust, manage trauma and grief, and understand how to function in a relationship, formulate their sexual identities, overcome infidelity and reignite the erotic spark they once had. Repairing your emotional connection is the key to restoring sexual intimacy.

I am a sex positive counseling professional who works with couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual health or relationship concerns. What does sex positive mean? Essentially, those who report being sex-positive usually follow the ideology that all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual, is a positive thing. I am also certified as a kink aware professional (KAP), with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. This means that I have specific knowledge of kink concepts and lifestyles, and have researched and educated myself in these areas.

So why work with couples? Throughout my life I have seen the various ways that our lives are impacted when our intimate relationships are chaotic. We're less emotionally resilient, we feel uncertain about our lives and identities and our physical health even suffers. By working with couples to manage their intimate relationships, people feel as though they have a safe foundation to return to; that at the end of the day "I'll be okay."

Another area of therapeutic focus for me is working with those suffering from traumatic loss and grief, and I currently volunteer at a local non-profit leading therapy groups for individuals who are grieving the loss of a marriage or long-term relationship. Grief and loss are a part of life. Whether you have experienced a death, divorce, or are transitioning into a new phase of life, grief may seem to control you. I work to help clients process their grief and create something new from their loss.

Most importantly, I strive to create a safe, open and honest place for my clients to express themselves. Exploration is the key to change. Call me at 512-270-4883, ext. 108 to schedule an appointment. You may also reach me through the RCC Austin Scheduling Page, by completing the information and requesting me as the counselor you would like to see. I will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

$80 - $120 per 50-minute session
Appointment Scheduling:
Monday and Thursday afternoon and evening; Saturday morning and afternoon