Roy Faget, MA, LPC, LMFT Associate
Senior Staff Counselor

Contact Roy at 512-270-4883, ext. 109

Contact Roy at 512-270-4883, ext. 109

With a background of problem solving in my prior career as an electrical engineer, I have experienced many aspects of working collaboratively with others to move forward on projects.  Working on life’s issues can be similar, as we deal with the ups and downs it presents while wanting to make progress, or just to make it through the day.  Life isn’t always something that comes out the way we hope for or believe it should be.  By relating the story of your experiences in a safe and supportive environment, and gaining new insight into how to look upon problems, a renewed belief in yourself may offer you a sense of relief and a new direction to follow. 

I work with individuals, couples, teens and families who want to improve the way they experience life - the desire for better relationships with themselves and with others, and to gain a sense of purpose and meaning.  I’ve always been interested in what drives people and believe that we usually can discover what is best for ourselves if we slow down, take the time to think things through, talk about it with a person we trust, and express the feelings we have in healthy ways – even the negative ones we may try to avoid. 

I use a number of therapeutic modalities in my practice, which connect thoughts to feelings and feelings to thoughts, enabling my clients to change and grow in the positive direction that they envision for themselves. I work with clients who have struggled with addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, relationship separation, internal conflict and conflict with others, grief and loss, and other transitions and adjustment issues.  I have completed Gottman Level I and Gottman Level 2 trainings, which offers a structured approach for couples to learn how successful couples make their relationships last, and how handle to handle conflict in a way that prevents damage to the relationship. I am also trained in EMDR, a therapy designed to help a person unlock their nervous system to recover from trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other problems which can take hold.

After receiving my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, I worked in large corporate settings in the Seattle area, Minnesota, and Colorado. My work as an engineer eventually led me to Austin, a graduate degree in counseling from St. Edward’s University, and a career change.

I love my work as a counselor, but also strive to balance my life with activities I enjoy. I love to ski (if only Austin had snow and mountains!), but also enjoy the active lifestyle that Austin offers. In my spare time you might find me hiking, riding my bike, or attending local festivals and theater.

Please call me at 512-270-4883, ext. 109 if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment.  You may also visit the RCC Austin Scheduling Page to complete the scheduling form, and I will be in touch with you within 24-hours. I look forward to hearing from you!

$120 - $150 per 50-minute session
Appointment Scheduling:
Tuesday afternoon & evening; Wednesday morning & afternoon; Sunday morning & afternoon