Summer Hough, MA, LPC Intern
Supervised by Kevin Fall, PhD, LPC-


I know this sounds cheesy (because it is) but the more I learn and read, the more I believe that humans are like trees, and that given the right conditions, everyone can grow and flourish. It is my job then, as a therapist, to help my clients clear away anything that might be holding back or limiting them. I work with clients to help them find understanding, meet goals, change unhelpful behaviors, discover new strengths, improve self-expression, and encourage healing.

I have worked with children and their parents for more than 15 years in various positions, and can appreciate the deep joys and intense struggles associated with parenthood. By providing a non-judgmental environment, couples, parents, and families can work on communication, having healthy conflict, and finding a new way of relating to one another that works for everyone involved.

I have experience working with LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, and particularly with trans, non-binary, and questioning young people and their families. Bridging the sometimes very wide gap between the shocked and confused parents, and their persistent, sad or angry youngsters is a passion of mine.

I am trained in EMDR therapy, which is a heavily-researched and highly-effective technique that can help reduce the effects of trauma and past hurts on client's present lives. I am certified in PREPARE/Enrich, an evidence-based tool for premarital couples and parents to gain insight and skills, and through Twotogether Texas, my premarital clients qualify for $80 off their marriage license.

In my glorious free time, you might find me rollerskating, camping, enjoying one of Austin's delicious restaurants, or doing something far too active with my partner and his 11-year old son.

You can contact me at 512-270-4883, ext. 110 if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment.  You may also visit the RCC Austin Scheduling Page, complete the scheduling form, and I will be in touch with you within 24-hours. I look forward to hearing from you!

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: 2009 University of Texas at Austin
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling: 2017 Texas State University

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